Cloud Based Call Center™

Call More Contacts Per Hour

Cloud Based Call Center™ functions with your existing landlines, desk phones, or mobiles, allowing you to talk to more of your important contacts per hour. With the Cloud Based Call Center™, you no longer need to sit for hours in front of your computer. It’s simple to make calls on the go, wherever and whenever it works for you. Cloud Based Call Center™ helps you wave goodbye to waiting times and spend more time connecting with your leads and customers. To save you time and enhance your productivity, Cloud Based Call Center™ is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Designed for Sales Environments

Cloud Based Call Center™ was designed to support organizations and sales people to supercharge their sales capabilities. In the modern business world, there’s no need to be stuck at a desk while you’re auto-dialing. Using Cloud Based Call Center™, you can auto-dial while you’re on the move, reaching anywhere across the globe with your desk phone or mobile phone. If you run a call center and prefer telemarketers to remain in front of computers, we also provide an efficient desktop package.

Cloud Based Call Center™ has plenty of features and benefits to make life easier for businesses and individuals

Cloud Based Platform

No matter where you are in the world, or which device you are using, you can access a full-featured dialing platform.

Auto Dial Feature

Auto-dial feature allows you to dial your contacts automatically, dispositioning every call from your desktop, landline, mobile, or VoIP.

Analytics & Call Tracking

Cloud Based Call Center™ allows you to track your calls according to employee performance, geo-location, time of day, lead quality or lead source. With the analytics features, you can time your calls to ensure you receive an answer from your contacts.

Cloud Based Call Center™ Features

Affordable Pricing Plans

Affordable Pricing Plans

High Performing Dialing Software at a Fraction of the Cost

Harness Cloud Based Call Center™ reliability, with an enterprise-grade solution to save your business money.

Our Cloud Based Call Center™ was designed for a range of business needs, from single users to enterprise call centers. You don’t need to wait around for server configuration or waste your money on setup fees. Simply sign up, add the users you require, and start using our Cloud Based Call Center™ right away. Our service offers flexible auto-dialing, unlimited minutes, and flat-rate pricing to meet the needs of your company.


Complete With Local Numbers

Cloud Based Call Center™allows users to choose up to 10 local phone numbers.

Toll Free Numbers Available

Buy Vanity and Toll Free 866 Area Code Numbers and use them across all our services.

Unlimited Extensions

With Cloud Based Call Center™, you can access unlimited extensions implementing call routing rules across all of your departments.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

Play custom voicemail greetings for each of your extensions

Visual Voicemail

Read your voicemails with our voicemail to email transcription service.

Cloud Based Call Center™ Pricing Details

No Annoying Contracts, No Extortionate Setup Fees, An Unlimited Amount of Minutes, and Cancel Anytime.

When you’re a small business trying to get off the ground, your days are complicated. Your virtual phone system needs to be as simple as it can be, and with Cloud Based Call Center™ you’ll have self-service, simple pricing, and no long term contracts.


Cloud Based Call Center™

Cloud Based Call Center™ allows companies of all sizes to boost productivity and analyze data. You can train your staff with a more cost-effective package than what our competitors offer.

Screen Pop

With the screen pop feature, you can instantly view previous interactions with your contacts, from the moment the phone begins to ring.

Lead Segmentation

Segment lead lists and reach out to contacts who meet your chosen segmentation criteria.

Simultaneous Call Handling

Simultaneous call handling allows users to easily forward calls to an available agent. With Cloud Based Call Center™, there’ll be no more missed calls.

Text Messages

SMS autoresponders, text forwarding, and two-way business texting.

Voicemail Drop

Users can switch to the next call, at the same time as leaving voicemail messages.

FREE Self Service Setup & User Training Walk-Throughs

Cloud Based Call Center™ knows it can be difficult to implement new software into your company processes. To address the difficulty, we’ve created a step-by-step interactive walkthrough. Using our guide, you can configure the entire system in a matter of minutes. With our interactive walkthroughs, it’s simple to on-board and train your staff, saving you both money and time. To make life easier, we’ll even customize our training to complement your sales procedures.

Walkthrough Training & Setup Included Walkthrough Training & Setup Included

Walkthrough Training & Setup Included

Unlimited Talk & Text Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Minutes

Pay one flat fee for everything!

With the Cloud Based Call Center™ platform, you’ll pay a single flat fee for the entire service. No more worrying about overages, minute charges, or other costly surprises. You’ll be offered a cost-effective flat fee, depending on how many users you require. Cloud Based Call Center™ understands that many call centers have a high-turnover. With our solution, if a staff member leaves in the middle of the month, you can easily reassign the license.

Cloud Based Call Center™ Compelling Performance Features

With our powerful feature set, unlimited pricing, and scalability, the Cloud Based Call Center™ is a top choice for business dialing needs.


Analytics features allow you to review your usage data, sms messaging, and calls, to gain valuable business insights.

Call Tracking

Monitor your inbound calls according to call source, time, and geographic location. Data like this can help you to identify trends and improve your marketing campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Cloud Based Call Center™ allows you to tailor call dispositions to monitor leads and identify quality scores.

Access Control

Employers can assign each staff member a role, and control their access to various features.

Predictive Mode

Using the predictive mode, you can dial three contacts simultaneously, and take the call with the contact who answers first. Features like these increase agent call time and improve efficiency.

Call Abandonment

Monitor your call abandonment rate, provide a pre-recorded message for these calls, and drill down on dialing rates according to your thresholds.


With the use of Zapier, and other third parties, Cloud Based Call Center™ offers plenty of integrations so that you can use our solution with all of your favorite apps.

Open API

Integrate Cloud Based Call Center™ directly into any application with our Open API

Monitor Agent Performance

When you’re running a business, it’s important you have an efficient method of monitoring performance. Cloud Based Call Center™ offers detailed reports on call activity, outcomes, and duration. Using our performance reports, you can highlight weaknesses throughout the sales cycle, and take action by retraining opportunities.

Agent Performance Tracking Agent Performance Tracking Agent Performance Tracking

Agent Performance Tracking

Quick & Easy Set Up Quick & Easy Set Up Quick & Easy Set Up

Quick & Easy Set Up

Fast Setup

Cloud Based Call Center™ doesn’t believe in lengthy training or setup fees. Our solution is simple to set up, allowing you to configure the platform and be dialing away in a matter of minutes. There are additional walkthroughs available, based on different roles and staff members. With our Cloud Based Call Center™, there’s no need to manually onboard and train each employee.

Dialer for Remote and Work From Home Staff

Cloud Based Call Center™ allows you to take customer calls while you’re working from home, and increase the productivity of your remote staff. With our agent performance reports, you have a solution to monitor productivity levels and offer employees your feedback. You don’t need to send new phones or computers to your remote employees. Using the Cloud Based Call Center™, your staff can use their VOIP phone, mobiles or landlines, to take calls securely. When it comes to training, our interactive plans allow you to train new staff remotely.

When you’re working from home, it’s likely that you’ll be using lots of different applications. The problem is, it’s not always easy to integrate these apps together. Luckily, the Cloud Based Call Center™ integrates with Zapier, allowing you to use our software with any application that you like.

Dialer for Single Seats & Small Business

We know what small businesses need, and with these needs in mind, we created Cloud Based Call Center™. Our solution permits small companies and single users to reap the benefits of enterprise-level tech. Most dialers require three users, at least, but with the Cloud Based Call Center™, you can begin with just a single user. Cloud Based Call Center™ wants to help your company to scale and flourish; as you develop and grow, we will too. Want to improve your marketing and develop your company? Why not use our call monitoring feature? You can track data such as location, time, and source, to discover insights and boost your marketing.

In a high turnover call center, businesses need a cost-efficient solution that helps them to quickly onboard and train new staff. Cloud Based Call Center™ is contract-free and allows a business to easily reassign user licenses. In a matter of seconds, you can scale up or scale down your licenses. What’s more, we provide fully interactive training so you can onboard new members of your team fast. In record time, you can hire new sales reps, and get them off to a flying start. Lengthy training sessions can be expensive and should only be used when absolutely necessary. Our Cloud Based Call Center™ solution provides free training, to help your staff get started.

Dialer for High Security & Prison Call Centers

Cloud Based Call Center™ has extensive experience operating in high-security environments, including prison call Centers. We can offer you a wide range of solutions, depending on the level of security you need. First, provide each staff member a phone which is linked to one external number. Next, your staff can dial into your Cloud Based Call Center™ access number. From here, staff can use their access pin, and begin dialing the appropriate contacts. We understand the challenges of high security environments and are here to ensure that your dialing platform meets your unique needs.

Dialer for On-the-Go Employees

Whether you’re in a coffee shop, the car, or on the train, the Cloud Based Call Center™ allows you to dial wherever you have time to spare. With our versatile dialing platform, you’ll certainly gain an edge over your competitors. Our own competitors limit your calling experience by requiring you to remain in front of a screen. We are proud to offer options that drive on-the-go sales and boost connectivity. Whether you’re using our desktop or mobile phone app, you can disposition the outcomes of your call. You can also access useful analytics to help you grow. With our powerful dialing solutions, you can improve the communications of your company, without paying over the odds.

Dialer for Car Dealers & Field Sales Representatives

Using the Cloud Based Call Center™, your staff can segment leads and auto dial each contact directly from their mobiles. We offer extensive reporting on staff activity, so you can oversee the progress of your sales reps. Doing so allows you to ensure they are fully engaged with their leads. With the predictive mode feature, sales reps can dial multiple contacts, and then conduct their call with the first prospect to pick up the phone. With solutions like these, you’ll supercharge your sales department and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Dialer for Real Estate Prospecting

An effective system for outbound calls is vital for the success of real estate agencies. Using the Cloud Based Call Center™ you can conduct client follow-ups, chase up expired leads and prospect for listings. All of this is possible from your existing mobile phone. With Cloud Based Call Center™, you can make three times the number of calls when you’re prospecting for buyers and sellers. Our platform provides simultaneous call handling features, so you can forward calls with ease, to the agent who is available next. Why not take full advantage of our mobile dialing solution? You’ll gain the freedom to make calls on the go, to anywhere across the globe.

Dialer for Small Business & Single Seats

We understand small businesses, with that in mind we purpose built Cloud Based Call Center™ to allow single users and small businesses take advantage of enterprise level technology. While most other dialers require you to have at least 3 users, you can get started with Cloud Based Call Center™ today with just a single user. Cloud Based Call Center™ wants to grow and scale with you; as your business flourishes so will we.

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